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Nanny's feedback and Settling in

Blog Entry: 4th December 2020


We recognise that settling young children into a new environment can be daunting, not just for our children but for us 'the adults' too! This is why we are advocates for allowing children to settle at their own pace which is unique to each and every one of them.
For some children they may settle in to our environment within the first week but for others it may take weeks or even months and both situations are 'normal'.

The first step in helping a child settle into the environment is to ensure that the child feels safe, secure and connected. This is the foundation principle that will underpin how well the child plays and develops in our care. This for us is the most important part of Playgroup life- ensuring that at the forefront of their learning the child feels safe, secure, connected and able to express themselves as unique individuals.

We value feedback from the parents, grandparents and carers in our setting. Here is just one of them from S's nanny whom has seen the time, care and patience we put into our settling in periods for every child. S's nanny has spent many mornings here with us, helping her to settle. (We miss her playing with us already!) S now has the confidence to play and develop knowing that she is safe, secure and connected in her play, and that her mummy and nanny will be back for her soon!

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