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Blog Entry: 19th December 2019

Did you hear Chris Evans recently talking about his son having benefitted from having treatment for retained reflexes? This is something we have been learning about and using in our practise to support the children’s development at playgroup.
Gaynor Ralls from RMTi (Rhythmic Movement Training International) came to our setting in September to lead us in some School Readiness Training.

We found it incredibly useful and more than ever it has emphasised to us the importance of understanding where children are in their development by how they move, hold themselves and behave. Babies are born with inbuilt movement reflexes and patterns, called primitive reflexes. These integrate as a baby develops but very often some reflexes remain ‘retained’ in the body and then affect how a child moves, behaves and is able to learn to read and write.

Movement is essential for the development of the nervous system. The brain and the body need to work together so that a child can move effortlessly. At playgroup we ensure that the children have ample opportunities to move and play both inside and outdoors and we are using games, songs and toys to help the children develop physically so that we can be sure that they have multiple opportunities to integrate retained reflexes and to be school ready.
To find out more use the link below.

Related link: www.rhythmicmovement.org

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