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Playgroup Values

Blog Entry: 28th November 2019

We are delighted to have the addition of a Blog on our website which provides us with the opportunity to keep our current families, as well as those who may be interested in our playgroup, up to date with what we are doing and enjoying.
This week we wanted to let you know a little more about our Playgroup Values.

The values that we think about each term come under the overarching headings of: Rule of law, Mutual Respect and Tolerance, Individual liberty and Democracy. Circle time sessions and stories for each term help us to think about these values and to support the children’s understanding of them. The values we are focusing on this term include:

• Learning to share.
• Understanding right and wrong.
• Beginning to understand that actions have consequences.
• Learning about how to keep ourselves safe

Children naturally have to share at playgroup as they use communal resources, engage in collaborative play with each other and begin to make friends. Sharing is a skill that we all find difficult and it is common and normal not to like the idea of it very much! We support children during their play and interactions to cope with the feelings that sharing stirs up. We share stories and play games which help us to learn to enjoy sharing with others. It is vital to healthy development that children learn to understand and name their emotions as they develop. When supporting behaviour our approach is to gently talk to them about how they feel and to support them to cope with the situation in hand. Young children are unable to empathise or control their impulses and we always have this in our minds when supporting their behaviour. There is always a reason behind behaviour and so we talk to children about how they felt and what could happen to make things go better next time. We have ‘Golden Rules’ at playgroup which we talk to the children about and focus on during circle time sessions.

Our Golden Rules are:

• We have listening ears
• We have gentle hands and feet
• We use kind words
• We walk indoors and have indoors voices
• When we have finished, we tidy up what we have been playing with.

We are aware that our most powerful teaching tool is in the way we behave and interact with the children and other adults. Children are watching and learning all the time!

We are looking forward to welcoming visitors to playgroup to talk to us about how to keep ourselves safe. This will include thinking about how we keep ourselves safe at home, at playgroup, on the roads, with animals, as well as sharing information with the children and parents as appropriate about keeping safe on line.

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