Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Blog Entry: 19th December 2019

Just a note to wish one and all a joyful Christmas. Many of us have been unwell in the run up to Christmas and we are all ready for a rest now!

Remember to give yourselves simple quiet time to rest and to play so that you can fully reconnect with each other and recharge for the New Year. The children work hard at playgroup to cope emotionally and socially and this can lead to a lack of resilience at home, often crumbling over the smallest 'issue'. There is always a reason behind behaviour and it is likely at this end of the term and with the extra excitement around Christmas that they are just absolutely exhausted and overwrought.

There's an awful lot for adults to do in the build up to Christmas too so remind yourselves of this if you too are feeling the pressure. We need the sparkly lights, the nice food and the lovely stories and films to watch to comfort us and lift our spirits during the festive period.

Take care and treasure each other. See you in the New Year! Playgroup will reopen on Tuesday 7th January 2020.

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