Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What are your opening hours?

Croft Playgroup is open from 9am to 3pm. We offer morning sessions from 9am to 12pm, afternoon sessions from 12pm to 3pm or all day sessions from 9am to 3pm.

There is an early breakfast club session which starts at 8.30am (at a small extra cost) for any parents who need to drop their children earlier to be at work on time.

We are open during term time only.

Term dates and our inset days for this academic year are in the Useful Information section of our website. Please take a look and if you canít find what you are looking for do contact us.

2 - What is the age my child can attend?

Croft Playgroup is a preschool for 3 and 4 year olds to attend before they start school.

Each child receives government funding from the term after their 3rd birthday. Children can start as soon as they are 3, however parents/carers would need to pay for their sessions for the first term.

3 Ė Do you have a catchment area?

Yes, we do have a catchment area. Please take a look at the Admissions Policy

It covers all of Old Town and some of Lawns.

4 - Does Croft Playgroup have a uniform?

We do not have a uniform so that you and your children are free to choose whatever feels best. We do have 'Croft Playgroup' t-shirts which some of the children enjoy wearing. You are welcome to purchase these from us at Reception.

5 - Does Croft Playgroup provide homework?

We do not provide homework as we do not feel it is appropriate for preschool aged children. Instead at home we encourage you to:

  • play with your children
  • enjoy reading to and sharing stories
  • talk and listen to them, and be led by their interests

This will support their development and help to build their self-esteem. Local schools support this approach. For further information please feel free to chat with the staff at Playgroup.

6 - Are you affiliated with any local schools?

Croft Playgroup is an independent preschool. We work closely with our local schools but are not part of any school or organisation.

7 - If my child attends Croft Playgroup will it ensure automatic acceptance into a primary school?

This is a subject that often causes confusion but unfortunately the preschool your child attends does not affect the school your child goes to.

All applications for primary school are dealt with by Swindon Borough Council and decisions are made entirely on the catchment criteria of the chosen school. It is largely to do with wear you live.

Please pop in for a chat if you still have questions or concerns about this.

8 - How do you manage children with nappies and using the toilet?

We generally expect that children will be toilet trained by the time they start playgroup. However, this is not always the case and we would never turn anyone away who needed extra help. Whilst we encourage independence in using the toilet we are more than happy to help children and always ensure that several members of staff are available to support them and remind them to wash their hands etc.

9 - Does my child have a designated key worker?

Yes. When your child starts at Croft Playgroup, one of our staff members will be assigned as your child's key worker. They will be responsible for your child's specific needs, encouraging and recording their development through the EYFS curriculum.

10. What is the Educational Strategy Partnership?

The Educational Strategy Partnership offers a group of like minded educational settings the opportunity to collaborate with each other to improve the outcomes for children within the community and whilst keeping our own individual ethos, values and status. For more information please click on this link.

Frequently Asked Questions
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